Hempstead Housing Authority

Hempstead Housing Board of Commissioners

The Hempstead Housing Board of Commissioners govern the Housing Authority.  Five Commissioners are appointed by the Village of Hempstead Hon. Mayor Don

Ryan. Two Commissioners are elected by the residents of Hempstead Housing Authority. 

All Commissioners are residents of the Village of Hempstead who volunteer their time to provide oversight of HHA's programs.

Board of Commissioners:


Andrena Y. Wyatt, Chairperson 

Marcia Turner, Vice Chairperson

Richard Stockdale, Secretary and Resident Commissioner

Rebecca Hogue, Resident Commissioner

Max Rodriquez, Assistant Secretary

Inocencio (Nino) Perdomo

Rev. Cornelius Watson

The Board of Commissioner meets monthly.  Meeting notices are posted at the Adminstrative Office of Housing Authority.