Hempstead Housing Authority

Attention Property Owners

Hempstead Housing Authority (HHA) is seeking Landlords and Property Owners that would like to make RENTAL property available to Section 8 Voucher recipients.

Advantages of Leasing to a Housing Choice Voucher Participant:

  • Receive regular monthly payments from HHA which will cover a significant portion of the rent.

  • Units are kept occupied and profitable with a two week leasing process from notification to lease signing.

  • A large pool of applicants.

  • Landlords screen and select tenants they choose.

  • Participants are screened by HHA for prior criminal activity.

  • HHA will work with you to advise and assist if you have any problems concerning your tenant.

  • If tenant's income is reduced, their portion of rent will be adjusted and the Housing Assistance portion will be increased.

  • HHA provides annual or special unit inspections by the HHA staff to protect interested parties.

  • Annual rent increases consistent with market trends.

  • Payment continuation in the event of an eviction (according to HUD regulations).

  • You will be providing the most important ingredient in a person's life - stable housing.

  • You are contributing to solving community problems related to the housing crisis.

If you are interested in leasing to a Section 8 voucherholder, fill out and fax the document below or call 516-489-8500 ext. 103 or email hha@hempsteadhousing.org.